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There are hundreds of mobile devices manufacturers worldwide and nearly 10,000 different mobile devices. Ensuring that websites and apps work on as many of these devices as possible has traditionally been a huge challenge for development teams. Not anymore.


We exist to help you create amazing things that work well for your users and customers.

Motel’s powerful features allow you to check that your apps and websites work on any device you choose: wherever, whenever. Add your own mobile devices to the system, use them privately or share them with the wider Motel community for financial credits. With Motel, it’s simple and easy to connect and manage any Android or iOS device.

Motel ensures the quality standards of the apps and websites you release are remarkable.

Why mobile testing is ever more important

Mobile website traffic

Bounce rate caused by deffects

Customer attrition caused by deffects

The cost of trying to fix apps and websites after they are released is around 30 times more expensive than during early development stages.

Rui Barreira
CEO of Motel


All Analytics Devices Configuration


Development Savings


Faster Time-to-market


Better Issue Detection


Remote Provider

Take advantage of a private space to host your devices (very usefull to test connected apps or to reuse you current devices): your very own ecossystem. Plug it in and everything is beautifully integrated in one unique interface with all devices and tools contained.

Mirror Manual Testing

Select a device to execute your remote manual test, then add up to four more devices and Motel will, automatically, replicate your test to all of them, creating a seamless user experience.

Plug in & Test

Add your own mobile devices to the system, use them privately or share them with the wider Motel community for financial credits. With Motel, it’s simple and easy to connect and manage any Android or iOS device.

Scalable Coverage

Both Motel and its wider community provide you with 24/7, secure access to an ever-expanding number of mobile devices worldwide, meaning you can be confident things work on all of the devices they need to.

Manual & Automated Testing

Motel offers manual and intelligent automated testing capabilities including lots of other clever things.

Integrated Frameworks & Technologies

Use your own preferred testing frameworks or access our advanced and continuously updated private testing frameworks. Motel integrates with all of the most popular testing technologies such as Selenium and Calabash too.

Safe & Secure

Built with security in mind, all of Motel’s communications are encrypted, from the platform through to the device. All wi-fi configurations and VPNs are configured by you. It goes without saying that every device you test on has its personal data protected and is appropriately cleaned up after testing.

Device Setup Templates

Save time by configuring device templates so that Motel automatically remembers how to setup any of your devices each time you test them. This means things like wi- fi, VPN's and other device settings do not need to be manually configured each time you decide to run a new test.

Continuous Delivery

Apps with the highest ratings are updated frequently and remain free of bugs. Motel supports continuous delivery and integration practices with real hardware-in-the- loop; without the chaos of having physical devices scattered all over your premises!

Jira Integration

Automatically create or update your issues in JIRA right through our interface. Add comments, attache screen shots and more right from our interface or automated testing engine!

Intelligent Reporting

Get access to detailed automated test reports, device performance indicators and test execution snapshots on-demand.

One Motel
Three Ways to Test

Your private space to test all of the devices you own, wherever they are located. Just plug them in and go! Motel provides full access to your device network through one easy-to-use platform with powerful test features.

Enable multiple teams within your company, sharing a common set of devices. Lower your costs and operational complexity while providing your teams with a larger and more varied set of devices and improving the coverage of your tests.

Don’t have enough devices? Fear not. Motel provides you with access to its own extensive database of real devices connected through its own secure public cloud. This means you also get 24/7 access to a huge range of mobile devices, providing you with better test coverage.

Why keep buying new devices? Reduce complexity further by taking advantage of Motel's own device pool. Grow your device coverage without buying a single new device. Easier than plug'n'play!

You can also test and share mobile devices with the wider Motel community, providing you with an even greater choice of devices from across the globe. What’s more, allowing your own connected devices to be used for testing earns you financial credits too.

Share your device pool with other testers around the world. It's 100% secure and earns you financial credits, making your Motel infrastructure even cheaper to run.

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We have a very flexible pricing model fully adjusted to everyone's reality.

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